Here is what some of our patients have to say about MountainWest Surgical Center:

Picture of happy family after successful surgery"I thought everyone was exceptional!"

"I didn't have to wait long. Staff was very friendly and helpful to my sweetheart."

"It was the best surgical experience I have ever had. Everyone was friendly, my questions were answered & I felt as if everyone listened to what I had to say. Thanks."

"My nurse was very gentle in trying to get an iv in my vein. The nurses were happy to help each other out to ensure my well-being."

"I have never been treated better - from phone registration to discharge - I hope if I had surgery again I can come back. Thank you all!!"

"My interaction with each and every person was very pleasant and I couldn't be more pleased."

"The woman at the counter was very nice & patient. The nursing staff was kind and gentle, they wanted me to be comfortable and they succeeded."

"Professionalism, cleanliness, friendly nurses."

"Everyone was great! *prep nurse *recovery nurse - discharge -- best reaction to a general ever!!"

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