The medical staff at MountainWest Surgery Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to our patients. Check out some Patient Testimonials.


  • Faber M.D., Anthony
  • Hinkle M.D., Tory
  • Larsen M.D., E. Wayne
  • Peterson M.D., David
  • Riesenberg M.D., Tyson
  • Shupe D.O., Erik
  • Trump M.D., Bryce
  • Yeates, M.D., Tyler


  • Mellor M.D., Robert
  • Skedros M.D., Demetrios
  • Stock M.D., Curt
  • Vanleeuwen M.D., Richard
  • Wilcox M.D., Bryan
  • Thompson M.D., Scott

General Surgery

  • Clark M.D., Kevin N.
  • Oberg M.D., Jon
  • Todd M.D., Russell


  • Ward M.D., Nathan



Pain Management

  • Weston, MD Raul

Pediatric Dental Surgery

  • Nelson D.D.S., Mark
  • Taylor D.M.D., Colleen
  • Wall D.D.S., Scott

Plastic Surgery


  • Anderson D.P.M., Ryan
  • Flitton D.P.M., Todd
  • Halladay D.P.M, Kim
  • Seagle D.P.M., Bryan
  • Toole D.P.M., Douglas


  • Foot M.D., Laura
  • Henderson M.D. David
  • Parkinson M.D. Justin
  • Stevenson M.D., Bradford

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